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Data Protection Policy

This website is GDPR compliant and data is stored on the same basis.

Information we hold on you:

We will only hold customer data which is given to us by that party or a party acting with permission. The information may include but not restricted to name, business, address, telephone and email, URL, company name and company type.

If we are in possession of your personal information through a third party then we have been given permission to hold or process that data by the third party.

2. In compliance with the Data Protection Act of 1998, you are able to request the following from Vertigo Street Ventures Ltd.

a) Do you hold or process personal information about me.

b) Request what information is held or processed about me.

c) Request a copy of the information Vertigo Street Ventures Ltd hold about you.

d) Ask about the source of the information.

If you would like to request any of the following information about yourself (known as a subject access request) you can do so by following the instructions below.

Write to:


With a formal request to know about all the information we may hold about you.

In line with the Data Protection Act you must send;

a) £10.00 made payable to Vertigo Street Ventures Ltd.

b) An address which your SAR's request will be posted back to you.

c) A copy of your Identification which will identify you. Do not send any actual documents, copies will be sufficient. You agree that by sending your identification to Vertigo Street Ventures Ltd will be at your own risk and Vertigo Street Ventures Ltd will be held not liable in the event of loss or damage to these copies. If we are in any doubt as to the identity of the individual, you hereby give Vertigo Street Ventures Ltd permission to contact you and if required ask for additional information to confirm your identity.

d) Please allow at least 40 days for the information to be sent back to you.